Farewell to June -- 06/30/01
Sun 1.5 miles + weights
Mon ran 4 miles
Tues 1 mile + weights
Wed ran 2 miles
Thr rest
Fri ran 5.5 miles
Sat 1 mile + weights
date weight change
06/17 203 --
06/23 201 -2
06/30 200 -1
June is blue and green.

Blue skies and green grass and green trees and green everywhere....

I am always amazed by the myriad shades of green to be seen in any clump of trees or bushes. Twice this week I've gone outside in mid-afternoon and circumnavigated our section of office park... a chance to get away from the computer monitor and the piles of paper and technical manuals that litter my desk surface, but especially to get away from the computer screen, to let my eyes focus on something further than arm's length away, to escape the eyestrain and the claustrophobia. (Hey, and it's a little bit of exercise too... one day I walked a mile and a half, the other day a bit past half a mile.)
I was pleased to note that the the rabbits I mentioned last year are still around. I saw three of them on Tuesday, lounging in the shade of a small crab apple tree on the lawn that separates the parking lot from a row of thick hedges.

I fell in love with the month of June when I was just a child. June is the gateway to summer... Summer! Ah, the escape from school, the entry into boundless, endless summer... oh it stretches out ahead of you, seemingly endless, glorious summer.... Only as we grow older do we realize how short and fleeting summer can be... and perhaps in June I can recapture some of that childhood delight in the blues and greens of summer on display in June.... Summer warmth without the drying heat of mid-summer and the brown tinge of sun-baked August lawns...

We get our share of rainy days here in Rhode Island and, living near the coast, I certainly see foggy mornings, but we have many sunny days here and the sky is so blue. June is a beautiful month in the northeast... it was beautiful in the mid-Hudson Valley where I grew up, the foothills to the Catskills, and it was beautiful in the Binghamton area, in the confluence of the Chenango and Susequehanna Rives... but oh it is so gorgeous here in Rhode Island.!

Now I have to say farewell to June for another year...

June is such a beautiful month... too bad it is stuck with only thirty days... and now that thirtieth day is drawing to a end....

Fortunately, June is followed by July... the month of summer heat and beaches and cookouts and -- best of all -- 4th of July fireworks!

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