Summer Daze and Nights -- 07/07/01
Sun ran 4 miles (race)
Mon rest
Tues 1.5 miles + weights
Wed 5.5 mile run
Thrs 1.5 miles + weights
Fri 1 mile + weights
Sat 3.5 mile run
date weight week total
06/17 203 -- --
06/23 201 -2 -2
06/30 200 -1 -3
07/07 198 -2 -5

Friday was the only day I went into the office all week; I worked from home the other days (except, of course, for Wednesday)... and I really wish I had stayed at home on Friday as well. The only reason I went in on Friday was in expectation of doing a high volume of printing, but I ended up only printing a few pages. Mostly I did the same thing all day... work on the new version of a course. There is an existing course but the courseware (presentations, books, exercises) needs to be updated and rewritten partly to bring them up to our presentation standards (the course was written by someone with a lot of technical expertise and experience but it doesn't match up with our course templates) but also because a new release of the sofware is coming out and the material needs to be updated to cover the changes.

Nancy and I went to the town 4th of July fireworks display last night, the one that had been postponed from Wednesday due to the weather. We had planned on riding our bikes, the way we had last year (the year before that we had walked... it's a bit over three miles from our house) but Nancy had played tennis earlier in the day and then had spent hours working on her backyard landscaping project so she suggested that we drive into town and park far enough from Old Mountain Field (the park that is the site for the fireworks) to avoid being stuck in the post-fireworks traffic snarls. We parked down towards the far end of Main Street, about three quarters of a mile from our destination and had a pleasant walk.

We got there in time to hear the last couple of songs from the band that had been entertaining the crowd, found a reasonably convenient piece of ground to sit on, and enjoyed a marvelous fireworks display. I love fireworks. Every year people say "This was the best display ever." and once again it was true. Nancy and I talked about going early next year, bringing a picnic supper, and enjoying the concert as well as the fireworks. We are essentially empty-nesters when it comes to things like this... the kids are off doing things on their own. Sean was there somewhere with friends; Jennifer and Lia had gone up to Providence. After the fireworks were over we walked back to my car and by the time we got there it only took us a minute or two to be able to pull out onto Main St. to drive home.

This morning (after Nancy played her eight a.m. tennis match) we went over to the annual Wickford art festival with one of Nancy's sisters. Wickford is a small, very quaint New England village, many nicely restored 18th and 19th century buildings -- not museums, but fully functioning homes and businesses -- and every summer they have a weekend arts festival where the streets are lined with artists displaying and selling their wares... mostly paintings, some photography and a bit of scupture, almost no "arts and crafts"... these are original works starting around a couple hundred bucks and running up to two and three thousand (except for a few photographs and miniatures in the fifty and sixty dollar range. I did see a number of watercolor paintings that I really wanted... but mostly looking around the show reminds me of how much I would like to be able to find time to paint and draw again... ah well, maybe in retirement...

Nancy was off to a dinner party with some tennis friends... Jennifer sleeping (the upside down cycle of 3rd shift workers)... Sean went to see Fast and Furious with a buddy... I picked up a couple of ethernet cards and a UPS system (we don't have one for Nancy's computer and I've been meaning to get one, also want to have the router plugged into it) and then went grocery shopping, came home, went for a run, picked Sean up from the movies, he and I ate... Now Nancy is home, upstairs reading... I woke Jennifer up and she is about to go to work... A teenage girl just came by and picked up Sean, but he promises to be home by 12:45... And I'm writing this off-line on my laptop, but I'm tired so I think I may wait until morning to FTP it to Geocities.

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