Rainy Day -- 07/26/01
Sun no workout
Mon no workout
Tues no workout
Wed 1 mile + weights
Thr no workout
date weight week total
06/17 203 -- --
06/23 201 -2 -2
06/30 200 -1 -3
07/07 198 -2 -5
07/14 196 -2 -7
07/21 194 -2 -9

Thunder woke me up in what seemed like the middle of the night. I stumbled out of bed to turn off the fan in a wndow and then put it on the floor so I could close the window part way against the rain blowing in -- only knocking a few things over in pursuit of this goal -- and then went to Sean's room to close his windows 'cause he's at camp (No need to worry about the girls' room -- when Jennifer began working third shift Sean loaned her his air-conditionerm so there wouldn't be any open windows there). As I was getting back into bed I managed to focus on my alarm clock and saw that it was only about 12:30, so I hadn't even been asleep that long. Tiger tried to persuade me that it was time to get up and feed him some wet food but I ignored him and went back to sleep. I guess he wasn't that serious about food because he curled up and went back to sleep for a few hours. He does tend to wake me up to feed him far earlier than I want to get up, but I feed him and go right back to sleep. This has been going on since Jennifer began working third shift; before that he tended to sleep in her room most nights and only come around to bug me when it was around the time I would be getting up anyway.

It's been rainy most of the day -- raining quite hard at times in the morning -- this weather is directly connected to the fact that I am taking today off as a vacation day. Actually, I don't mind the rain -- it's good for the garden -- except that it might have been nice to read a book in my hammock in the backyard for a while. Ah well...

Tuesday and Wednesday had been quite hot -- especially if you listen to the radio weather babblers to whom every kind of weather is a crisis situation -- in winter an anticipated snow storm is proclaimed the storm of the century and we hear about "near-blizzard conditions" and warnings about not driving and the dangers of digging out your driveway -- and every heavy rainstorm brings warnings of "possible flooding in low-lying areas" -- so the hot weather this week brought frantic chatter about the dangers of heatstroke, etc. and a fever-pitch of excitement that Wednesday broke a heat record that had stood for more than half a century. Oh, come on... The new record high temperature in Providence yesterday was 96 -- and those of you who live in places like Texas and Arizona must be snickering 'cause when your summer temperatures are 96 you are grateful that it has cooled off from triple digit readings. Of course I do know just how hot that can feel in a concrete urban environment and it is much cooler here along the coast. On Tuesday when the temperature in Providence was 94 it was only 84 in Newport and I think a degree or two cooler over here in South Kingstown. Yesterday the 96 in Providence was more like 86 along the coast.

Tonight we're picking Sean up at scout camp so that he can shower and pack, etc. and be ready to leave for upstate New York after Jennifer gets home from work. Adam and Leah's wedding is this Sunday... outdoors on a lawn by a lake (in the Finger Lakes region outside of Ithaca, but not actually one of the Finger Lakes, more like a bit thumbprint)... I've only seen pictures of this spot (on the Internet) but I am told that it is truly beautiful. We're driving over on Friday, and leaving early in the morning (just about as soon as Jennifer gets home from work) because it will take six or seven hours of driving to get to Ithaca. On Saturday there's going to be a cook-out at Leah's parents' house and then the wedding on Sunday. On Monday we'll head back home to Rhode Island.

What? No workout again today? Well, the rain had stopped and I had just finished typing the above paragraph and I was going to go out for a run around 5:30 but -- just as I was about to head upstairs and change into my running stuff -- Sean phoned from camp (cell phones are everywhere!) and said he was ready to be picked up -- i.e., they were about to eat dinner and by the time I got there he would be finished eating but it would be before the evening events got started -- so I went and picked him up. It's not even twenty miles, but it's not exactly along main highways... so by the time I got there, found him, he finished his good-bye's, etc., and I drove back home... it was seven o'clock and I was tired and hungry... so I blew off my workout and ordered take-out fish and chips (Main Street Fish Market and Restaurant, Wakefield, RI)... 'cause then I've got packing to do, etc.

I'm not going to be updating until Tuesday... so there won't be a weekend entry to post an official weight -- I think I'm around 193 -- yeah, if I weren't skipping workouts maybe I would have been able to get down to 192 on Saturday -- but 193 is good -- I dropped nine pounds over five weeks, that would make it ten pounds over six weeks -- just as long as I can keep that up... yes, and I will get back to regular workouts.

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