Travel -- 11/05/01
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I booked some more travel this afternoon. Another trip to Pittsburgh coming up next week and a trip to France coming in December. I was checking out the weather at those destinations and recalled how a few times I posted little weather gizmos on the side of my entries to show the weather where I was going (like last year when I was in Oslo, etc.) and also when Sean had gone to Sydney.... so I hopped over to the Weather Underground site and added three weather gizmos to today's entry... so (if they're working) you should see the current live weather in Providence, Rhode Island and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Nice, France.

Right now (November 5th, that is) the weather in Nice looks to be fairly mild, a bit warmer than here... but I'm going to be there in December and, although I'll be staying at a hotel in Nice, I'll be driving up into the mountains behind Nice every day to the town of LaGaude and I'm hoping not to encounter freezing temperatures and snow. (Yes, I know how to drive in winter weather, but I've been to LaGuade before and part of that trip is on a damned scary winding mountain road with a very steep drop-off.

It certainly won't be beach weather, although I expect the Mediterranean will be just as beautiful in December as it was back in May of last year. The last time I was there my colleague Hamid was doing the driving because he had been there before and knew his way around. I will be working with another instructor but this time I'm the one who (supposedly) knows how to get from Nice to LaGaude, etc. Well, I do have directions.... and they do drive on the same side of the road (so that will be easier than driving in England or Australia) but it has been many years (many decades) since I studied French. Last time I had a lot of difficulty communicating in French... yes, most waiters, etc. speak enough English so that dinner could be ordered... although one night we had driven more than an hour deep into the mountains and stopped for dinner in a little village where the waitress at the restaurant did not speak any English so we ordered dinner using a combination of my feeble French and pointing at the menu.... I did pick up some software that (supposedly) teaches French (because Sean is studying it in school and I anticipated a return to France) but now the software seems to have disappeared.... oh well, it must be around somewhere... It would be nice to be able to understand what a waitress is saying when she say how much the bill for breakfast is without having to look at the numbers on the cashregister or simply to hand over a two hundred franc note (although they'll only be a few weeks away from having everything denominated in euros).

Remember, remember the fifth of November,
Gunpowder treason and plot.
We see no reason
Why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!

Happy Guy Fawkes Day to everyone over on the British side of the Atlantic Puddle!

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