Sixty-seven -- 04/29/10


Damn! These numbers keep getting bigger and scarier all the time.

Yeah, and I don't know if that statement best describes my age or the federal budget or the national debt...

When we had that little moisture problem a few weeks ago, we brought up a few boxes of stuff that included some envelopes filled with photographs. I was looking through some of them and I remarked -- based on the apparent ages of Adam and his cousins in them (my brother's kids, Melissa and Chad) -- that I would guess my father must have been about the age I am now. Nancy told me to look at the next picture...

And, thus, the title of today's entry, for today I have reached that very same numerical landmark.

Effective today, I can no longer say that I am "in my mid-sixties" but must say that I am "in my late sixties" instead.

If this keeps up, eventually someday I might become old...

Here's a black and white photo of my father taken around the same time (autumn 1973)...
And, while I was scanning, I couldn't resist copying a one year old photograph of me. (That is, I am one year old in the photograph; the photograph is, of course. sixty-six years old.)

So that's about it. I am continuing my way along the road to age and wisdom. (ROFLMAO.)

Birthday number sixty-seven.

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