The Hidden Persuaders -- 01/17/00
What I'm Reading tonight:
  • The Unified Modeling Language User Guide by Grady Booch, James Rambaugh and Ivar Jacobson (A book about UML by the gang of three who were its original designers.)
  • 8.4 a novel by Peter Hernon (A member of the disaster novel genre; this one is about the New Madrid earthquake fault that runs near St. Louis. Shock waves from the 1812 quake rang church bells in Boston... what if a quake were about to hit today and some scientists thought that detonating an underground nuclear blast might relieve the seismic pressure and defuse the quake. Did y ou happen to see either of those volcano movies that were out in '98? Okay, this book does it with earthquakes.)
U.S.A.Today had an editorial this morning ripping into the television brain-washing the Clinton administration has been attempting. That's what I had aluded to in my comments yesterday. I was commenting on the news (which I'd read in Salon magazine -- in an article called Prime time propaganda and a follow-up piece called Progaganda for dollars -- but the story has also been front page news in the Wall Street Journal, WashinGton Post, etc. Of course President "I did not have sex with that woman" Clinton denies that there was anything illegal or underhanded (uh, hey, Slick Willie, there are payolla laws that say any financial arrangements like this MUST be revealed, and of course it is underhanded, more sleasy than product-placement in movies and tv shows because our tax dollars -- money taken away from us by the government -- is what is being used here.) And his drug "czar" (hey, now isn't that an interesting label for that position) went on tv to claim this bribery of the networks has resulted in a thirteen percent reduction in teenage drug use. Next thing will be senate-wannabee Hilarious showing up to claim that this is all a vast right-wing conspiracy.

This time this underhanded illegal progaganda was being done for a "good cause" -- but what will the purpose be next time? Gee, if a loss of an election will result in the "bad guys" winning, then maybe the government should help out by paying to plant progaganda favoring the "good guys"? Does anyone remember the flap over subliminal messages started by the book The Hidden Persuaders? And so MAD Magazine put little messages in very small print hidden all around their pages one issue that said "Buy and read The Hidden Persuaders!"

By the way, no, I am not one of the people who thought Clinton should have been impeached because of a blowjob. Nor for flat-out going on national television, looking straight into the camera, and lying to us about it. I think the Republicans who pressed that case were self-righteous idiots. There may have been valid reasons for impeachment but his sexual escapades in the White House were not such reasons. (Perjury and suborning perjury might have been... ordering wag-the-dog bomb and missile attacks to divert public attention that caused a number of deaths to non-Americans and which also placed American servicemen and women in harm's way... that might have been... but I'm afraid that a blowjob does not count.)

- - - - - - - - - -

It's cold! I had moved the rabbit back out to her hutch Sunday afternoon because it had seemed as if the cold snap had broken, but the cold came right back... single digit temperatures in late afternoon and I don't know how cold now, probably down near zero... and although the winds aren't as bad as they were Friday night, the wind chill is still the equivalent of sub-zero temperatures. I've asked Sean to see if he and Jennifer can persuade the rabbit back into her carry-cage (or pick her up and put her in it, which is what I had to do on Friday).

What I ate today:
  • Wakeup: coffee
  • Breakfast: a donut and lots of coffee
  • Lunch: grilled chicken sandwich, chips, lemonade
  • Snack: coffee and a small chocolate chip cookie
  • Dinner: chicken ceasar salad, grilled cod on roll with cucumber dill, french fries, Foster's lager (Note: Foster's may be "Australian for beer" but in this part of the U.S. the word "imported" on the label means it came from Toronto, Canada. Still tasted good, though. I think in Hawaii it came from Australia. Don't know where it comes from in your neighborhood.)

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