About online journals -- 01/18/00
What I'm Reading tonight:
  • Core Java 2 Fundamentals by Cay S. Horstmann and Gary Cornell (not bad at all, part of the SSun Microsystems Press Java Series)
  • 8.4 a novel by Peter Hernon (A member of the disaster novel genre... I've reached page 280 out of 460; not deep literature but the pages keep turning...)

What I'm wearing: sneakers, jeans, turtleneck, denim shirt.

Why am I putting this side notes in? Well, a lot of journalers seem to do this, so I thought I'd try.

Another cold one. This is beginning to seem like real winter weather.

A few random thoughts about journalers...

I was reading Jen's journal earlier this week and she mentioned doing some thing with a couple friends, one of whom (Eleanor ) also writes an online journal that I like to read. I was startled at reading that, but I don't know why, because once I thought about it, I realized that I knew that they knew each other. (Yes, and of course everyone reads Pamie.)

Jen, as I have mentioned in my page listing favorite online journals, is a graduate student working on a Ph.D in biology. Other journalists are also getting educated (which is only to be expected given what a high percentage of them are college students). One such student whose online journal I have recently begun to follow is PiperDane, a college student who has just returned to school following winter break. Check out her page; in addition to writing her journal and hosting a discussion forum, she also joins in some collaberative writing with three other online journalists and participates in the monthly (or thereabouts) collaberative writing experiment being hosted by the Speak Freely webring. I recently joined Speak Freely (see the links to them on my main page, give it a try, link to the next or previous or random or whatever member in that webring, you might fine one you like.) Another journal I discovered on Speak Freely is Molly's page where she posts entries to her journal and poses a question of the day to her readers. She's in her mid-twenties, divorced, just got back on her feet financially to move from parental domicile to her own apartment again, is working two jobs (okay, so one is part time) and is about to start back to college part time. She is facing challenges but is excited about the possibilities rather than overcome by obstacles, and is so upbeat about her present and her future...

Some people are actually reading my journal... I think I have been averaging about four or so a day. I've got various counters hooked up -- besides the obvious counter at the bottom of my home page I also have an invisible Geocities one (as part of GeoPlus... I'm still in the "free trial period" and I'm tending toward the idea that I would not get $4.95 a month of value out of it) and also hooks to a couple of those free traffic counter sites (more than one because when I go to check statistics it often seems that one or the other is unavailable)... Of course the more data I get, the more questions I have... Yesterday I had a hit from somewhere in the IBM.COM domain... thought maybe it was somebody I knew... but it was (based on time zone) not from the east coast.... don't think I know of any IBM-ers who would know me and also know my URL and who would be in the midwest... Just makes me so curious... who are you readers? And are you one-shot readers or have you been coming back?

Maybe I should add a guestbook....

Ahhhhh... just took off my sneakers.... going to crank up thermostat a touch and remove more clothing... but don't worry... I'll get this posted and get logged off again before removing too much... modesty will prevail... well, close enough anyway... I'm just getting ready to read 8.4 in bed.

What I ate today:
  • Wake up: pot of black coffee
  • Breakfast: cinnamon roll, more coffee
  • Lunch: tuna on marbled rye w/lettuce and mayo, chips, pink lemonade
  • Snack: small chocolate chip cookie, black coffee
  • Dinner: mixed grill (grilled sirloin tips, Italian sausage, boneless chicken breast) with rice pilaf, side dish of steamed fresh vegetables (zuchini, yellow squash, brocolli, green beans, red pepper, carrot); Pete's Wicked Ale; mudpie for desert.

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