I missed a day -- 01/20/00
  • What I've been reading:8.4 a novel by Peter Hernon (that disaster novel I've been reading this week... I've reached page 355 out of 460...)
  • What I'm wearing: running shoes, running shorts, t-shirt from the 1996 Camire's Firecracker Four (a four mile July 4th race).... Have been thinking about going down to the hotel's fitness center, got sidetracked by the Internet. Decided I should post this before I worked out because after my workout I would take a shower and it would be tacky to say I was posting this while wearing a towel.
  • Why am I putting these side notes in? Why not?
  • What am I doing? Waiting for a friend to call so we can get together for dinner.
Well, I made it through eighteen consecutive days of posting entries to my journal, but I missed yesterday.

I just ended up too busy. I am writing this on my laptop in my room at a Marriott in Burlington, Massachusetts. I'm here attending classes at Rational Software -- a four day class, "Object Oriented Analysis and Design using Unified Modeling Language" which concluded today, and a one day class tomorrow on using Rational Rose software. Last night, after getting back to the hotel I surfed a little bit, catching up on email and reading some online journals, then went off to meet a couple of my classmates for dinner... which meant meeting at a bar for a couple beers, then off to a restaurant, a couple more beers, a nice Italian restaurant -- can't recall the menu name for my entre choice, chicken and pasta with a creamy garlic sauce, delicious, and a house salad, Italian dressing, a loaf of fresh baked bread, a small dish of olive oil with freshly ground pepper for dipping -- and the three of us split a bottle of chianti -- and after dinner I had a cup of cappuccino and a large slice of cheesecake. (Yeah, you can see why I need to go down to the exercise room and workout a bit.)

When I got back to my hotel I logged on because I needed to access Hotmail to get a phone number, so of course I tried and tried and could not get in until after eleven, too late to phone someone who has to get up and go to work early in the morning. In between attempts at accessing my mail I checked out some of my favorite journals. I was simply too tired to write an entry for this journal. I posted a response to Molly's question of the day, but other than that the only email I sent was a note to my wife.

So far the storm that came up the coast has not produced too much snow here, maybe an inch, if even that much, and I'm hoping not too much more will fall overnight. I'm driving home tomorrow and I don't want weather or road conditions to delay or slow my return.

And I think I've come to the end of this entry. I am just plain exhausted... taking classes can be draining... and I usually have difficulty sleeping when I am traveling... my room here has a nice big king sized bed, but it is very lonely by myself.

I'm really ready to go home....

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