Happy Birthday Nancy -- 02/03/00
  • What I'm wearing: brown dress pants with gold braces, tan Florsheim shoes (with comfortable sole, don't want to wear formal wingtips if I'm on my feet all day), light green button down oxford shirt, paisley necktie in green, gold, yellow, red...
  • Where am I writing this: standing up typing at the instructor workstation in the classroom I'm using this week. (That is, the same place/position where I began the previous entry
This will have to be a short entry as I am very rushed for time. I only have a few minutes to write. Today is my wife's birthday and I need to hurry home (as I promised) because we are (Nancy and me and the kids) going out for dinner.

Yesterday was Groundhog Day. I didn't notice any mention in the paper this morning about Phil seeing his shadow or not. Well, if we were still living in Binghamton (NY) I would feel lucky if we only had six more weeks of winter left, seven or eight would be more likely... here in Rhode Island it's more a case of Spring being right around the corner. Sure, we could have a big Spring snowstorm... I've not checked my '99 calendar, but I remember there being a major snow in March with schools closed, etc. because I had to be over into the middle of Connecticut to assist with a presentation to a client company. It had mostly stopped snowing overnight and, once I was able to get out of my neighborhood in the morning and get to the highway, the driving wasn't too bad...

The oldies station I sometimes listen to on my way home if it is six p.m. (The Top Six at Six typically plays the top six pop chart songs from today's date in the past along with noting the major headllines, some supermarket or automobile prices, the top television programs that night, etc.)... so last night featured the top songs from February 2, 1961... and noted that there was a cold spell that was a couple weeks long... which made me recall that winter and the fierce cold... I was living in Kingston, NY, and could see a Spanish freighter that had become trapped in the ice for a couple days until one of the icebreakers that tried to keep the main channel open was able to break it free.

Okay, I've really got to close this down now and get home. Nancy had hinted about a tennis bracelet and so I got her one for her birthday... It's a bit on the expensive side, so I hope she really likes it... It is beautiful.

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