Counting -- 02/04/00
Counting other stuff:
  • Finished teaching class around noon (it's a five day class, but people always want to leave early on Fridays to catch flights back home, so I always offer to finish by Friday noon if they will start early and finish later during the week... any offer that is always accepted)
  • I am always eager to read their evaluations. There were only three people in this class and their evaluations were quite positive.
  • The course itself got good reviews, with either agree or strongly agree for all questions about the course (with most of the checkmarks being for strongly agree)
  • I came out quite well in the instructor evaluation, with two participants marking strongly agree in every single category and the other student responded agree for four questions and then strongly agree for the other nine. (And he added the comment "Jim is a very good instructor because he knows the course subject matter well and is very enthusiastic about it.")
  • I can post that here -- I can brag here -- because I am somewhat annonymous here. I love to get reviews like that but I can't usually share them with anyone but my wife. I mean, if someone at work asks me how a class went, I can reply that it went well and I got good reviews... but I can't really say Hey, look here, isn't that great! ... but I realized as I was putting this entry together that I can brag in here where I am simply "Jim" and it's not going to be read by someone who knows me in the real world.
I've been adding visitor counters over the past few weeks.

On January 1st I reset my basic Geocities counter on my index page to zero... and now I find to my amazement it is in the 120's! Yeah, okay, so that kind of traffic would not get Pamie excited, but during all of 1998 and 1999 I had averaged about one person per day (well, since it was something like 720 or so hits, I really should say more I averaged more than six people per week. Yawn...) so this is four times that volume, almost four hits per day... but that's probably not four individual people... and indeed one of the other counters I've installed says that I average four hits per day from two visitors. I think with the geocities counters, if you hit the page with the counter it registers as a hit and then if you click on a journal entry and go there and then come BACK to the main page it sometimes increments the counter again (and sometimes not).

Early in January I signed up for the geoplus membership which, among many other features, supplies additional counters and statistic gathering. (I think the 30-day free trial just expired, so today may be the first day of my first $4.95 month?) I wish I could figure out what else geoplus gives me for that $4.95... I probably should have cancelled at the end of the 30 days...

Around mid-January I added two free counters... The problem with them is that sometimes there is a delay while their code executes or while their site is contacted and replies to the browser, so sometimes visits don't count or are truncated. At any rate, there always seems to be a lack of unanimity among the free geocities counter, the geoplu$ set of counters, and these various free counters. So what the heck, last night I added another counter... I was about to list these counters, along with links to their sites, but to do that I'd have to go look up their urls, etc.... and there's no point to that... if you are curious about them or want to add one to your site, all you have to do is click on their little graphic and that will take you to their site and you can find out how to add one. That's how I found them, clicking on the little icon on other people's sites.

Yesterday, as I was posting my entry 02/03/00, I realized that when I was first building my calendar tables a couple weeks ago, when I typed in the hotlink for calendar dates that had a journal entry, I somehow typed a period instead of a slash between the directory name and the file name.... and then, via copy and paste, continued to replicate that error with every calendar date I set with a journal entry. *sigh* I wonder how many visitors clicked on a calendar date (instead of on a text link... the text links were okay) and were taken to the yahoo/geocities there-ain't-no-such-destination error page... and concluded that they might as well travel on to some page with valid html... duh...
The tennis bracelet was a big success. Nancy loved it, said she had not expected anything as beautiful and elegant. I must admit it really sparkles and catches and reflects the light.
I was going to go to the Y and workout at noon but I got involved in work (cleaning up after class, doing paperwork, answering email, etc.) and have not even taken a lunch break (oh, okay, so I've been typing this stuff in along with everything else I've been doing) so after a week of nine hour days, I think I'm going to get out of here by four p.m. Happy weekend!
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