A Sunny Sunday -- 02/06/00
Today's workout
  • A two mile run around the neighborhood.
What I'm wearing:
  • Running shoes, sweatpants, t-shirt.
What I wore on my run:
  • The stuff listed above plus a sweatshirt, cotton gloves and a knit cap
It is a beautiful sunny Sunday... cool but with blue skies and bright sunshine reflecting off the snow. Kind of a lazy day. Slept in until past 7:30, then got up, made coffee (yes, of course I fed Tiger first), felt decadent so instead of just having cereal I fried up eggs and sausage and home fries, toasted a cinnamon raisin bagel (Nancy was less self-indulgent and only wanted one egg plus a bagel). Okay, so it wasn't a weightwatcher type breakfast... but I made up for that by only having a banana for lunch (*sigh*, yes, an a handful of peanuts... and I will probably eat an apple before I go grocery shopping... it's not a good idea to shop while you are hungry.

I surfed the web a bit this morning, visiting a few journals and posting my entry for yesterday which I had never gotten around to actually linking in to my index page yesterday. Jennifer and a friend were struggling to take apart an old skateboard... their basic problem was that the bolts holding the trucks to the board had corroded and could not be unfastened. I know there must be some WD40 around here somewhere, but it must be hiding with all of the various tools that seem to have run away from my toolbox over the past few years....

I had a very pleasant run... it was a bit chilly when I started but once I got warmed up I really enjoyed the run. I only did two miles because I have really been goofing off lately and not working out so that my fitness level has really dropped (about in proportion to the way my weight has increased!) and I did not want to push too much. I hope to get in lunchtime workouts at the Y... just have to make sure I actually get out of my cube and go rather than getting involved with updating this page or reading other journals...

And now I've got to take a shower and go grocery shopping.

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