Bedroom Farce -- 02/24/00
Nancy and I and Nancy's mother went over to URI to see a production of Alan Ayckbourn's Bedroom Farce. Nancy and I had first seen this play performed in London when we went there on our honeymoon back in June of 1979. (We saw a lot of theatre while we were there... Canterbury Tales, Bedroom Farce, Bubblin' Brown Sugar...)

We had commented when we saw Bedroom Farce in London that it would be an ideal play for the Cider Mill Playhouse (Endicott, NY) to perform on their stage as part of their summer series. It is light comedy, the title is quite literal, needs to be played quickly. Much to our delight, a year or two later the Cider Mill did put on a production of Bedroom Farce with the roles of Delia and Ernst played by the incomperable and delightful Noni and Dick Smith. If memory serves (and it has been a few years), Nick and Jan were played by another talented husband and wife team, Tom Kremer and Carol Hanscom. Rhode Island has many things to recommend it, but I truly miss the Cider Mill Playhouse. I just went to their webpage (making sure I had their url correct in the link above) and, scanning down through the list of current season productions saw the names of some fine actors and singers who provided us with many hours of theatrical magic... Bill Gorman, Claus Evans, Tom Kremer and Carol Hanscom... I didn't see Dick and Noni listed... it seems to me that they have both been retired for a while, wonder if they have moved to a warmer climate?

The URI production went well and we enjoyed the evening. The cast even carried off their English accents quite nicely. The actor portraying Trevor must have prepared for his role by watching Monty Python reruns and the Austin Powers movies in order to develop his accent, but it was amusing and effective.

I am quite confused about the day and date, the rythmn of the week is off. Last week I went to my office on Monday; worked at home Tuesday morning and then drove over to New York in mid-afternoon; was in class on Wednesday and Thursday, stayed home on Friday with a sinus headache. Then, of course, came a weekend. This week on Monday I went to my office; took Tuesday and Wednesday as vacation days (with a trip to Boston on Wed.); today I went to the office again and tonight we went out to a play. Tomorrow I will be going in to work. It will be Friday but I don't know if it will feel like a Friday... my schedule has been so strange these past two weeks that I'm no longer sure what day is what.

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