Back to work tomorrow -- 01/04/04

The first Sunday Brunch questions for the New Year:
1. Which part of the holiday season are you most happy to see over?
The pre-holiday hype and the advertising and the shopping crowds.
2. What is the biggest/best present or surprise you received during the during the holidays?
Tickets to a play.. a couple of weeks before Christmas, Jill add asked us to reserve December 27th to got out to dinner with her and her friend Joe his family on the Saturday after Christmas -- then on Christmas morning we unwrapped one of our presents and discovered she had given Nancy and me tickets to see A Christmas Carol at Trinity Rep in Providence on the 27th... the imaginary dinner arrangement had just been to make sure we were free that night.
3. How did you ring in the New Year?
Our usual -- had Nancy's mom and one of Nancy's sisters and her family over for dinner, then watch a DVD and then watched broadcast from Times Square and greeted New Year with a champagne toast.
4. New Year's resolutions... do you make & break them, make them & stick to your guns or don't even bother?
I don't really make formal written resolutions, just kind of mental suggestions that I should try to be more organized in the new year and should not let myself get so busy that I fail to workout or go running.
5. Has life returned to normal now that the holidays are over?
It will tomorrow -- vacation is over, Monday means back to the office for me and back to her classroom for Nancy.

Yes, I'm afraid the vacation/holiday is almost over... back to work tomorrow.

Oh, I did work half a day on Friday here in my den... and later this afternoon I figure on spending a couple of hours working on some stuff (practicing working with some software I'll have to demonstrate later in the week) and Nancy spent much of yesterday afternoon working on lesson plans (and she will probably put in another couple of hours today). That, of course, is in addition to various household chores, errands, etc. (Like right now she is headed for the laundry room to move clothes from washer to dryer.)

In the next five hours I expect that I will
  • finish writing this and post it online and send an e-mail to my notify list
  • maybe have a light lunch
  • go grocery shopping
  • return a DVD to Holly's Video Source
  • return some books to public library
  • go for a three or four mile run (it it's not raining, else use treadmill and exercise bike)
  • spend some time with that software I mentioned
  • fix a salad
  • drive over to Nancy's mother's house where we will be having dinner (hence the salad)
Last night's dinner: salad, bruschetta, lasagna, a couple of glasses of Merlot.....
Yeah, the lasagna was leftover from New Year's Eve (and there are now seven individual servings in the freezer). The bruschetta was made using leftover bread from Friday night. I tend to make it a little bit fancy: olive oil (of course!) and seasonings plus peppers, onion, tomato and a touch of Parmesan cheese.

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