Of the lion and the lamb-- 03/09/05

March, it is said, comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.

Here we are, nine days into the thirty-one days of March, and there has definitely been a lot of lion about the weather thus far. Does this mean we can look forward to some mild weather during the last week or two of the month?

Statistically, I guess, this is so... I have read that the average temperatures in March increase by ten to twelve degrees over the course of the month. So far this year that has not been true.

Last night we had rain, freezing rain, sleet, hail, and snow. Here's a picture of the snow coming down about nine o'clock last night on our driveway (taken from inside our garage).
The precipitation was combined with strong sustained winds in the twenty to thirty mile an hour range, but with gusts of fifty to sixty miles an hour.... and temperatures in the low teens (about ten below C) but sub-zero wind chills. The snow pretty much slacked off an hour or so after I took this picture, so I went out and shovelled and this morning I only had to deal with a few spots where it had drifted during the night.

Tomorrow is supposed to windy with some sun in the morning, then turning cloudy, temperatures will be briefly slightly above freezing.

Friday and Saturday will bring snow, freezing rain, more snow, and a chance of freezing rain mixed with snow.

I have had quite enough of winter for this year. Enough of the lion stuff. Where's the spring lamb hiding?

From Thomas Hood's poem The Bridge of Sighs: "The bleak wind of March" -- Yes, exactly, the bleak wind of March. Brrrrrrrr!

But I have been doing well so far with my Six Week Tweak -- gee, a whole half a week -- but, yeah, it feels good and I'm feeling confident.

One week after the end of the six weeks comes a 10k race I've thought about doing for several years but never felt I was in good enough shape to try a six+ mile run that early in the year -- The James Joyce Ramble. So I think I'll give myself a few more days to build confidence and then I'll sign up for the race.

A few days past the race comes my birthday. *sigh* Yes, once again I'm going to become another year older.

Actually, I'm feeling good about just about everything -- my workouts are good, I think I've lost a pound so far this week, I'm feeling good about my job, I'm surviving the two classes I'm taking (and actually enjoying them) -- now if only Spring would arrive.

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