Window into summer wanted -- 03/12/05

Tiger enjoys looking out windows.

I think I've posted pictures before on him looking out the kitchen window. He especially enjoys windows in warm weather when they are open and he can stretch out on the windowsill. In winter weather, even a closed window will do (although he will sometimes paw at a window and cast plaintive glances at us over his shoulder).

In one of my favorite Robert Heinlein novels -- The Door into Summer -- the book opens with the protagonist telling us about a house he used to have in Connecticut, a house with a large number of doors (in addition to a cat door). In the winter his tomcat -- Petronius -- refused to use his cat door because he hated snow. He would force his master to go from door to door, hoping at each one that it would be the Door into Summer. Tiger isn't searching for the Door into Summer -- in fact he did manage to zip past Nancy the other day into the back yard but the snow and cold made him quickly turn around and head back to to the door within seconds -- but he would really like to find the Window to Warm Weather so that we will open it for him and he can stretch out on the window sill and listen to the sounds and sniff the smells and nap in the sunshine.

The pictures on this page were taken on Friday, just as our Friday afternoon snow storm began.

The forecast had been for an inch on Friday afternoon, changing to rain and freezing rain. Then, overnight, another storm was supposed to come through bringing a little more snow. Total accumulation along the coast was supposed to be one to three inches by the time it ended Saturday afternoon. Well... we had three to four inches on the ground by the time the snow slacked off around four o'clock Friday afternoon. I shovelled the driveway. The overnight snow didn't amount to much -- it appeared to be a fluffy inch and a half on my car, but less than an inch of wet heavy snow on the driveway. But still, I got to spend another twenty or twenty-five minutes shoveling that stuff. It's getting so I want to start looking for a Door into Summer!

[Heinlein's novel was written in the 1950's (which is when I first read it) and is set partly in the the early 1970's and partly in the the year 2000. Using the standard one-day-at-a-time method of time travel I have managed to visit both of those time periods. They didn't exactly turn out the way he had described them (which is a good thing -- the Six Week War between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. in the late 1960's had involved nuclear weapons) but his protagonist invented what amounts to computer-aided-design (CAD) technology -- it just took computer technology a while to catch up with Heinlein's vision.]

Yes, that is a dining room chair that Tiger has persuaded me to move into my den and place by the window (with the curtains pulled back) so that he can have a nice spot for looking out the window. Since I'm here in the den working most days, he likes to hang out in here, keeping me company (which usually involves looking out the window, climbing across my desk to look out another window, or curling up on the futon for a nap).

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