Spring! -- 03/20/05

We managed to achieve the Vernal Equinox this morning.


This morning was bright and sunny -- then it clouded over -- we've had some rain on and off since mid-afternoon -- and it is supposed to change to snow overnight, although the forecast is not calling for any accumlation of snow.

This is what our back yard looked like nine days ago -- March 11th -- new snow covering the old snow, fresh coating of snow on branches giving the trees that winter wonderland look we are all so tired of seeing.
This is what it looked like yesterday. It was sunny and mild, temperature hit at least 50 ° (9 °C) and so Tiger got to have his favorite window in the kitchen open to the fresh air. Despite a week of sunshine and daytime temperatures in the forties, there is still some snow remaining, but there is also bare ground visible.

Naturally he had to turn his head to see what I was doing with the camera. Just another example of the strange behaviors of his human serving staff. He was quite miffed at night when he again wanted his window open and Nancy and I would not obey his commands.

I celebrated the arrival of spring by spending most of it either reading or working on computers -- in other words, studying for my courses, working online with some stuff at UMass/Boston, and doing actual work-type work. (Okay, I also did some laundry, made dinner, and cleaned the kitchen in my spare time.) I never did get around to riding the exercise bike -- I thought I would do it this evening but it is around ten p.m. and I really would like to get to bed before midnight. I need to go into the office tomorrow; I've got about four hundred pages I need to print.

No weight loss -- but, on the other hand, no weight gain either. I'm going to be very busy the next two days as well, but I hope to squeeze in at least one workout and then, after Tuesday, I should be able to get back to having good daily workouts... and I hope I might be able to start running again by the end of the week. So maybe last Sunday night's fall in the driveway won't be too devestating to my Six Week Tweak.

Six Week Tweak Results
date weight change cumulative
# 03/06/05 201   --   --
1 03/13/05 200 -1 -1
2 03/20/05 200 0 -1
3 03/27/05      
4 04/03/05      
5 04/10/05      
6 04/17/05      
date workout
Sun. 03/13 54 mins. 15 miles exercise bike,
leg lifts, seated rows, weights
Mon. 03/14 -- no workout --
Tues. 03/15 1.5 mile walk
Wed. 03/16 3.5 mile run, 1/2 mile walk
Thurs. 03/27 -- no workout --
Fri. 03/18 -- no workout --
Sat. 03/19 42 mins. 12 miles exercise bike --
only leg lifts, no workout w/weights
Sun. 03/20 -- no workout --

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