Where's the March lamb? -- 03/24/05

In like a lion, out like a lamb. Okay, so where's this March lamb?

My ribs are sort of feeling better. I used the exercise bike yesterday, did about eleven miles and then did a little bit of work with weights, some biceps curls, etc., although not as many reps nor as much of a variety as I like to do. I did leg lifts and rows, no problem, but when I laid down on the bench to do the reverse leg lifts, my ribs complained about being pressed against the bench and they stayed sore through the evening.

I finished the big rush project yesterday afternoon and then this morning got up a few minutes past five and was online by 5:15 so I could download the other half of the project that had been edited and corrected by a different group (working in parallel to keep the delivery date from slipping -- they did the student and instructor course books and I did the instructor and student exercise guides and the lab setup guide) and spent much of the morning merging those two sets of files together, giving the result a high-level once-over, generating all of the books in PDF format, collecting all of the graphics files (one file per unit, 19 units) into one big file labelled instructor_graphics (for the instructor to project on a screen during the lectures), zipping up all of the source files, and uploading everything to a server where it could be available for the next step (including shipping it a.s.a.p. to another branch of the company that needs to teach this material right now. So with that pressure off, I was able to turn my attention in the afternoon to a pair of courses that had been delayed while I worked on this high priority project.

My alarm had been set for around five so I could get an early start. When it went off I slapped the snooze button and just lay there for a minute or two and then the phone rang -- it was someone on the teacher's phone tree passing on the word that there was going to be a one hour delay in the start of school. So I stumbled downstairs to work an hour earlier than usual and Nancy got to sleep in an hour later than usual.
And here's the reason for the one hour delay in the start of school on a morning two thirds of the way through the month of March....

So I did get a forty minute workout in this morning. The snow was only about three or four inches deep but it was very wet and heavy stuff. Each shovelful was a chore to lift and toss. Even though I got that shovelling workout this morning, it's not quite nine-thirty and I'm going to go down and ride my exercise bike for a while. If nothing else, I should sleep soundly tonight.

I'm really beginning to get psyched up about running. I stopped by Camire's Running Soles in town a few days ago and ordered a new pair of running shoes (they didn't have the size I needed so they had to get it from their other store and they phoned yesterday to say they now had them). And just before typing up this entry I went to the James Joyce Ramble Web site and did an online entry for myself and for Jill. It's April 24th, so I've got one month to get ready.

This was probably our last snow storm for this winter. Looking at the weather forecast, I see the possibility of a couple more storms coming through, but the temperatures look as if they will mostly be in the forties (between 5° and 10° C)... It seems as if fifty is the highest it will reach, but sometimes with the sun shining it can warm up quickly... I don't care about the snow -- it's spring and I want to go running.

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