Cool but sunny Sunday -- 04/10/05

This was a gorgeous day -- cool temperatures (probably in the low fifties -- 11 or 12 C -- which is fairly normal for this time of year) -- with blue skies and bright sunshine.
A relaxed morning with the Sunday paper and then a few chores around the house (cleaning the kitchen a bit, putting away the rest of yesterday's grocery shopping, throwing in a load of laundry, clearing off my desk...). I wandered outside with my camera and snapped a few pictures of some of the spring flowers coming up. (The bottom picture on the right is the same clump of flowers I showedabout a week ago.

I couldn't resist lying down in my hammock around noon. This was my view of the sky...

The truly amazing thing is that after a few minutes of sheer enjoyment lying there, I actually got up and went back to being productive.

Made some tuna salad for lunch. This really pleased Tiger because I naturally gave him some of the tuna. He was then able to wait until five o'clock before he asked for his dinner (something he usually starts to meow about by three o'clock).

Nancy and I finally got around to doing our taxes in the afternoon. It got postponed this year because Nancy wanted to work on it with me and she had been bogged down working on her National Board Certification... and there was no reason to get it in early because I knew we would not be getting anything much in the way of a refund (and I was right... our figures today show us having to pay the IRS fifty-six bucks and getting a pittance back from the state).

There are various sites providing old time radio programs -- some have them for download, others sell tapes and CDs -- I bought some from OTRCAT.com (Old Time Radio Catalog). They provide them in MP3 format (regular audio is also available, but you get many times as many shows per CD with MP3). Since I was a big fan of science fiction I bought Dimension X (45 shows) and 2000 Plus (13 shows) and X Minus One (129 shows - two CDs). They give you a free sampler CD with each order -- a sampling of shows from their catalog, dozens of programs. So tonight we listened to a Burns and Allen broadcast (May 29th, 1940) while we ate dinner.

Before dinner I hopped on my bike and went for a ride along the bike path to the Amtrak train station and back -- an eight mile round trip. This was my first outdoor bike ride this year and it served as a reminder of how different real bicycle riding is compared with riding an exercise bike in the basement. It also reminded me of how tired my legs are from yesterday's run. I didn't loose any weight this week, but I'm not really bothered by that because I am so pleased with that six mile run. I'll try to drop a pound this week.

Six Week Tweak Week Five
date weight change cumulative
# 03/06/05 201   --   --
1 03/13/05 200 -1 -1
2 03/20/05 200   0 -1
3 03/27/05 199. -1 -2
4 04/03/05 198 -1 -3
5 04/10/05 198   0 -3
6 04/17/05
date workout
Mon. 04/04 2.5 mile walk
Tues. 04/05 - no workout -
Wed. 04/06 2.5 mile walk
Thurs. 04/07 31 mins 10 miles on exercise bike plus leg lifts and weight bench
Fri. 04/08 one mile run on treadmill, then leg lifts and work with weights
Sat. 04/09 6 mile run on bike path
Sun. 04/10 8 mile bike ride on bike path

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