The Infernal Revenue Service -- 04/15/05

I used to always address the envelope containing my tax forms to "The Infernal Revenue Service" (and, if I owed money, I made out the check in the same way).

Yes, these days I file electronically so I don't get to address an envelope. I did have to pay this year -- $44 -- but since I used electronic filing that came out of my Discover card and I didn't have an opportunity to misspell Internal as Infernal..

I had meant to have an entry yesterday -- or, last night to be exact -- and I was cutting a couple of pictures of Tiger down to a reasonable size for posting online when Jeremy stopped in and asked if he could use my computer to download some music... so I turned my PC over to him and went upstairs and was talking with Nancy as she did lesson plans and such on her laptop and I was lying on the bed and the next thing I knew she was suggesting that I might want to actually get into bed and I realized I'd been asleep for twenty minutes or so already, so I brushed my teeth and went to bed without doing an entry.

So after I finished working today, around five-thirty or so, I did my electronic filing of our income tax return. I know there are those who think taxes should be higher so that we can create the great socialist republic of the west or something like that... I think we should cut taxes drastically... eliminate pork barrel spending ... slash farm subsidies (most of which go to major agrabusiness corporations, not to family farms)... stop taking people's money, filtering it through Washington to support a vast bloated bureacracy and then returning a small portion of it back to local communities as federal grants (for which we are supposed to be grateful to our lords and masters in Washington).

Ah, I'm too tired to rant... between the Democrats and the Republicans... both parties are really devoted to the concept of big government no matter how much blather and bullshit they come out with to make it seem as if they are our friends and the other guys are our enemies.

The Republicans have really been annoying me lately, especially Tom DeLay and his fellow pompous morons who want to go around threatening judges because of the decisions they made in the Shiavo case. So much for any pretense of belief in the Constitutional separation of powers. Suddenly, just because they didn't like the outcome in a particular case, they think they can go around threatening the judiciary. Morons, clueless morons. (And now he wants to have some kind of prayer service on Sunday to bring the wrath of God down on the Democrats or some such stupidity!)

And the Democrats... totally clueless as well.. just in different ways...Elitist leftist snobs, selling us out for campaign contributions from billionaires like Soros while they retreat from any pretense at true Liberal traditions, they not only worship at the altar of Big Government, they support anti-democracy movements around the world and have nothing but distain for attempts at democracy in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Oh, yeah, that's right, I said I was too tired to rant...

I guess it's not just that this was Tax Day... it's that I dashed out to pick up stuff to fix for dinner (scallops and asparagus sauteed in olive oil, with a bit of white wine and lemon juice added, served over whole wheat linquini... and with a salad of baby spinach with sliced mushroom, hardboiled egg, and red onion and some bacon pieces) and pushing buttons on my car radio I came upon the local talk station that carries Al Franken and his Air America network... so there was some ditzy woman (Randy Roads or something like that) who first played a "satirical" fake news broadcast that had a fake news item about a survey of women worldwide rated President Bush as a 2 on a scale of 0 to 10 for sex appeal, saying that they didn't like the idea of Karl Rove's voice coming out of a metal box on Bush's back giving him performance instructions while they were having sex, however they gave Bill Clinton a score of 8 out of 10, but then complained that he never called them back. Okay, a little lame but worth maybe half a chuckle. Then this Roads person came on, a total garbage mouth, like a female Howard Stern, and went into this whole rap about how Bush was so totally lacking in sex appeal ("even Laura Bush doesn't find him sexually attractive") and without any charisma and everyone (absolutely everyone) hates him that the only reason he is in office is because everyone is afraid he will kill them... and then she starts listing every person in any way connected with politics or Enron or any thing (including back into the Clinton administration) who died from any cause and claiming that Bush had had them all murdered and that is why he is in office, because everyone is afraid he will have them murdered if they oppose him.

And with supporters like this, the Democrats wonder why Kerry couldn't win over independents and moderate Republicans? I had always thought there could not be a more vile and hate-filled person on the radio than Michael Savage. I guess I was wrong about that. During the fifteen minutes or so that I listened to her, she didn't once say "Bushitler" but I'm willing to bet that she thinks that is a witty expresion.

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