Before and after -- 04/16/05

I finally got around to getting a haircut today.

So here are some pictures of me pre-haircut. I really look ratty in the two pictures on the right -- that's shortly after a run on Friday. I'm a little less unkempt in the picture directly below -- hair is sort of brushed, or at least about as brushed as it gets with me.

Nancy and Jill and I have been having the same person cut our hair for years now, seems as if we found her less than a year after we moved here. We did the same thing when we lived in Binghamton: found someone we liked and stayed with her for years, followed her from shop to shop and then to her own place until she moved out of the area and then found someone else for several years. Here we all use Sue at Guys & Gals on Main St. in Wakefield. Jeremy likes her but he tends to decide on the spur of the moment that he needs a haircut (frequently late on a Sunday afternoon and I have to point out that there would not be anyplace open then) so he tends to have his hair cut by whomever might be free.

My hair was beginning to get too long for comfortable running in the warm weather that is coming. I wouldn't mind how long it got as long as I could have it in a pony tail, but that would drive Nancy nuts. She really hated it when I was wearing my air like that ten or eleven years ago.

And so here I am, somewhat neater and well-groomed. (Hey, I did say "somewhat" -- don't expect miracles, okay).

This was plugged into a busy day. Emptied stuff out of my trunk (a box of books and magazines that I had cleaned out of my desk area at work and had been carrying around in the trunk of my car all winter, a lightweight plastic DDR dance pad that Jill had left in there months ago for some reason, empty water bottles, full water bottles, etc.) and then filled up the trunk with old non-functioning computer equipment from our basement (an old monitor, a printer, a scanner, assorted old cables. etc.) to take to special computer trash drop-off point.
Then come home and clean out the refrigerator and then go get my haircut and then do a little bit of grocery shopping (just picking up stuff to make a spinach salad), stop at Camire's Running Soles to pick up a copy of the latest Runner's World and some race entry forms for upcoming local races then back home, dash down to the basement and ride my exercise bike (reading the magazine for part of the time I was pedaling), then a workout with the bench and some weights, then up to the kitchen to cooks some bacon and make some hard-boiled eggs for the salad.

Nancy had gone off in the morning to run some errands and then over to her mother's house where she and a couple of her sisters were repainting the room that has become the family room (i.e., it has television, computer, and a piano). So after taking a quick shower and then making the salad (baby spinach, snow peas, sliced red onions, sliced hard-boiled eggs, sliced mushrooms, and bacon pieces) I headed for the pizza place where Jeremy works, having previously arranged for him to bake me a stack of pizzas to take to my mother-in-law's house. This stack of pizzas included two extra pies that one of Nancy's sisters wanted to freeze and take home with her -- Jeremy's specialty pizza: pepperoni, onion, peppers, olives with just a touch of hot sauce added to the tomato sauce). I felt a bit like a pizza delivery boy on this long dash (two townships over) and the aroma of fresh baked pizza filled my car and had made me very hungry by the time I got there, but I was a very popular person when I came in the door with that pile of pizzas and a salad.

So... that was our Saturday in Rhode Island. Hope you had a pleasant one...

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