Suddenly summer -- 06/05/05

So, after a chilly, windy, rainy March that lasted until mid-May followed by a couple of weeks of pleasant weather, today decided to be a summer day.

I did a lot of garden work yesterday (Saturday).

All of those rainy weekends conspired to keep me from getting my garden in early -- or even from doing much work on it. So I had to put in two or three hours of intensive digging and getting rid of weeds and turning the earth over and mixing in some new soil and mixing in some organic fertilizer (organic bone meal, etc.) and some of the output from our compost bin... then (a bit past the point where my back really hurt and I was quite tired) I finally got to plant some vegetables.

I got in a lot of lettuce -- mostly Romaine, including some Red Romaine -- and some herbs (parsley and two different kinds of basil) -- and some tomatoes (Early Girl). I still have some more herbs to plant plus some cucumbers and some zucchini. Tomorrow. (And, of course, I have to purchase and plant more stuff over the next week or two.)

We watched a DVD of The Aviator. Nancy said she thought it was good. I'm not sure about it -- I was really exhausted and my back was still sore from all of that digging, etc.-- I found the whole thing to be interesting and I thought that parts of it were really good but I also thought it was a bit long and yet it also felt a bit jumpy, as if some connecting scenes had been cut out. Jill didn't watch the entire movie from start to finish, but she was fascinated by the thought that Howard Hughes was real and that he really had made movies and built airplanes and owned TWA and held airplane speed records, etc. (She also thought the move was too long, but I think that was because she wanted to use the living room TV to play a new X-box game she had bought.)

Sunday Brunch: Summer plans
1) What are your plans for the summer? Are you planning on taking any trips or vacations?
Nancy and I have talked about spending a few days on Prince Edward Island (she's a big Anne of Green Gables fan) -- this is a trip we had planned for a couple of years ago but postponed it -- it is possible for this summer, but not likely. Have a nephew's wedding at the beginning of July. My brother and I hope to run the Blessing of the Fleet 10 mile race at the end of July and Jill has been thinking about joining us. See at least one fireworks display. Run. Go to the beach with Nancy. Have Adam & Leah & Sammy come up here for a few days. Make a trip into New York to see Adam & Leah & Sammy. Jill and I have twice hiked to the top of a mountain in the Catskills and have talked about doing it again this summer. (She and Eli have also talked about hiking Mt. Washington this summer.) Catch Shakespeare in the park in Westerly RI. Relax. Enjoy my garden. Stuff like that...
2) What is your favorite summer activity?
How can I pick just one?
3) Do you sunburn easily or tan well?
Saturday afternoon -- lilacs against a background of blue sky and fluffy white clouds.
My chives in full blossom -- and yes, the flowers are edible (but I seem to be the only one around here who likes them).
Look at all of those future salads!
The view from my hammock looking straight up.
I tan well -- always have -- although I now slather on globs of sunblock when I go to a beach these days.
4) Do you enjoy the warmth and heat and rejoice in it, or shrivel away from it and stay indoors all summer long?
I love summertime!
5) What is your least favorite thing about summer?

Three things: mosquitoes, ticks, humidity.

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