We're back --  03/02/06

Well, actually we've been back for a few days now, but I've been swamped with stuff to do...

The cruise was wonderful... Nowegian Cruise Lines... on their newest ship (maiden voyage was this past August) the Norwegian Jewel.

We arrived at the airport around midnight Sunday night, reached home a bit past 1:00 a.m., got to sleep around 2:30, was up around 6. *yawn* And then Monday night I had to drive up to Providence for a class I'm taking, got back home around 11:15... And working... and trying to catch up on a gazillion e-mails... So I'm only getting to this Web page now...

(And what's worse, instead of having my choice of ten or so restaurants for dinner, or just going to the buffet dinner at the Garden Cafe on Deck 12, I actually had to go to the grocery store and buy food and bring it home and cook it! Oh, I miss my cruise ship... Will somebody please give me a big bag of money so I can go back?)

I need to go through a couple hundred photographs and shrink some down and post them here... but not today.

We spent a week in summer weather, high temperatures ranging from the upper seventies to the mid-eighties (maybe 24 to 29 degrees for you metric folks?) and landed in Rhode Island with the temperature in the mid-teens and a wind chill near zero (minus eight with wind chill around minus sixteen C). Things have gradually "warmed up" through the week, but today we have snow.
Looking down at the pool area in the middle of Deck 12: two pools, a water slide, four hot tubs, a bar, waiters wandering about to see if you needed a drink, a live band playing music... That was life last week. Below you see life today (and I had shovelled the driveway and walks about two hours before taking this picture).

Compare and contrast...

We had a great time on the cruise... I'll get some pictures up here in a day or two.

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