I'm an uncle --  03/03/06

Hey, I'm an uncle!

The first time I became an uncle was back in the fall of 1968 when my niece Melissa was born just a couple of months after Adam (my eldest) was born.

Just an hour or so ago I became an uncle again when Tammi (Matt's wife) gave birth to a baby boy.

Matt just got back from Iraq last week (Captain, USMC). The whole family breathed a great sigh of relief when we got that news. (Those of us on the Norwegian Jewel were told by e-mail -- the kids pictured below kept in touch with the real world via the ship's Internet Cafe.)

I am now an uncle twenty-one times.

My brother has two kids -- Melissa, whom I mentioned above, and Chad (whose wedding was pictured here last summer).

The rest come from Nancy's side. That makes sense when you consider that she is one of ten children and they have from one to four children, a total of nineteen nieces and nephews.. (You see why we have such large gatherings for Thanksgiving -- 2005, 2004, 2003, etc.) Those nieces and nephews range from being in their early thirties to newborn.

There were three families on the cruise -- Nancy and me with Jeremy (Gillian does not like to fly and she did not want to miss a week of school so she stayed home and kept Tiger company); Nancy's sister Janet and her husband Tom with their three kids; and Nancy's sister Clara and her husband Paul plus two of her three children (her eldest is married with three kids).

And here's Jeremy and four of his five cousins who came on the cruise. That's Jeremy, of course, with the bottle of beer in his hand (wearing an old Broome County Corporate Challenge t-shirt of mine that must be at least fifteen years old -- he thinks my really old t-shirts are cool or somethine) as the ship is leaving Miami.

Goodness... this means that Nancy's mother now has twenty-one grandchildren....

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