Seventeen years ago -- 07/26/10

Tiger joined our family seventeen years ago today.

I know I've told this story before... including three years ago on the 14th anniversary of Tiger joining our family. So, the story is told in my entry for July 26, 2007(and that entry also has one of my favorite photographs of Tiger).

My running log for 1993 shows this entry: "Mon. 7/26 no workout -- pick up Tiger"

Although he has slowed down quite a bit in recent years, he is still alert and able to get around. He still loves spending time at his favorite window in my den (home office), the one where Jill set up wooden steps to help him climb up. If nobody is in the den and he really wants to get up on the chair, he will struggle up there, but if someone is there (usually me, of course, since I work from home) he will sit staring at the chair, pawing at the steps, and then looking over his shoulder to see if I am paying attention -- and then I will lift him up onto the chair and (if need be) move the curtains out of his way and open the window (if it is not too cold out). There is a small blanket folded on top of the chair to make it more comfortable because when he has had his fill of watching the outside world, he will then take a nap on his chair. (He gets down off the chair by himself.)

On the left -- Jill and Tiger, early January, 2001

Above -- Tiger on top of one of his Christmas presents, December, 2004

Okay, and now two recent pictures of Tiger. First, here he is, asleep on his chair (taken this past Thursday).

And here he is asleep on the living room floor this past Saturday -- yes, he does feel quite relaxed and safe (except during thunderstorms)

He really does seem to be doing quite well for a cat who celebrated his seventeenth birthday a few weeks ago.

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