Falling back -- 11/08/10

Fall back, spring ahead...

They keep increasing the share of the calendar for daylight savings time and reducing the extent of standard time.

When I was a kid, daylight savings time was up to the individual states, not the federal government. (Well, not quite; when I was really young -- during the war -- the whole country was on daylight savings time all the time -- "War Time" -- but that ended in autumn of 1945.) Generally, most states went for six months of standard time and six months of daylight saving time. Things got wacky with the 1973 oil "crisis" and... well, you know governments -- once they find they can control something and issue edicts, they can't seem to resist.

The last daylight saving time sunset of 2010:
Sunset -- November 6, 2010 -- Salt Pond Shopping Center,

From 1987 through 2006, daylight savings time began on the first Sunday in April and lasted until the last Sunday in October. (States did not have to have daylight savings time, but if they did, they had to follow the federal dates.) Since 2007 daylight savings time starts on the second Sunday in March and lasts until the first Sunday in November.

I took a long "lunch" on Friday and put in a couple of hours helping to set things up for Saturday's book sale... and then spent about six hours at the book sale. Yes, the sale was only from 9 until 2, but then everything has to be packed up and the room cleared for other usage.

Didn't do too much on Sunday, some errand running (post office, hardware store, Staples, CVS, supermarket) and attended an interesting historical lecture (in the same room at the library where we'd had our book sale).

This morning I was a bit surprised when I looked outside:

I think the weather-guessers may have been a bit surprised by this as well because I only remember predictions of rain on Monday...

Gee, it's out back too!

So our first full day away from daylight savings time gave us a bit of a foretaste of winter. Brrrrr!

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