James Joyce Ramble 2011 -- 05/02/11

Jill and I went up to Dedham (Massachusetts) on Sunday for the 28th running of the James Joyce Ramble. She had registered to run the race and I was coming along to drive (expecially for the post-race drive back down to Rhode Island -- Dedham is a suburb of Boston and running a 10k can tire you out). The picture below is of the back of this year's souvenir t-shirt.

One of the race sponsors is the Harpoon Brewery (a Boston area brewer) which supplies thirsty runners with free beer following the Jame Joyce Ramble. And here is Jill triumphantly holding her reward for running 6.2 miles.

Jill still remembers her great annoyance back in October at being denied entrance to the beer tent after running a half marathon sponsored by Smuttynose Brewery because she could not prove she was over 21 (while still in running shorts and t-shirt and, thus, without her wallet that held her driver's license) -- so she was quite pleased to note that her race number bib for the Ramble also had her age on it. (She understands that she probably should take it as a compliment, but at a few days short of her 29th birthday, she gets quite annoyed at always being asked for proof of age.)

Of course free beer was only part of what awaited runners... there was lots of food... including a tent where Whole Foods (an upscale supermarket chain that features lots of organic foods) was giving away bananas and other healthy snacks. Jill went for the banana.

On her way from the finish line to the beer tent she had managed to drink about a quart of water.)

The photographs in this entry are actually the first taken with my Olypmus FE4020 (that I bought back at the beginning of October when I thought I had lost my Olympus FE230) that I've posted online here. The photographs I had posted in that October 4th entry had all been taken with my FE230 (including the one of the ocean)... as have all the pictures I've posted since then... until now. I seem to have lost/misplaced the old Olympus again. I used it on my trip to Las Vegas and I know I used it a couple of times since then, but I've not seen it for at least a week or so.

The old Olympus was an 8 megapixel camera, but I usually had it dialed back to about 3 megapixels. My theory was that anything I put on the Internet would be cut down to about 600 x 400 (or so) pixels (usually in the 50 to 70 KB range for file size), so I tended to shot at reduced pixel counts except when I thought I might want to have a larger & sharper image (such as for making a print). The new (well about seven months ago it was new) Olympus is a 14 megapixel camera. The .jpg files it produces are about six times the size I am used to (about half a megabyte vs. a bit over three megabytes). Yeah, I know, storage is cheap. (Well, at least since I got a much larger hard drive for this computer a few months ago.

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