Sizzler -- 07/10/12

I had meant to update more often but somehow time just flies by... But the title "Sizzler" is not in reference to last weeks sizzling weather, but to a fundraising 4th of July run put on in Saugerties, NY. Yes, my brother Charlie was the organizer of that event.
That is one of a series of pictures of the event that appeared on Facebook last week. Naturally, my comment was "Who's the grey-haired elderly gentleman that the two police officers appear to have pulled over for excessive speed in his wheelchair?"

Actually, Charlie was in the wheelchair because... well, let me just lift his words from Facebook yesterday:
Good news Dept: I went for a followup visit to the Surgeon who removed a rather large chunk of meat off the side of my foot... the lab report came back reporting that 100% of the melanoma (skin cancer) had been successfully removed and I am "home free"... should be able to resume training for the Death Valley Ride to Cure Diabetes in about 2 weeks (retiring the crutches today)... thanks to all for your support and prayers... and if you haven't been to a dermatologist lately... GET THERE SOON!!!

(My dermatologist appointment is in four weeks.)

As for our 4th of July activities around here.... Jill and I had a problem... okay, okay, it was my problem.... I was convinced that the race started at 9:00 am (yeah, you can see where this is going, right?) but in the real world, it had an 8:30 start. So we arrived after the start of the race... but, what the heck, we pinned on our numbers and took off.

The course is two miles out and then two miles back along the same route. A typical conversation with race officials at water stops and intersections along the course:
Them (joking or puzzled): Gee, are you headed around for a second go?
Me: No, just really behind.
Them: Oh, don't worry about that. You aren't the only one.
Me: Yeah, I know, she's my daughter. I had the start time wrong.
Them: laughter

Hey, but we did our four miles. (Hurray for us!) and we have both been very good about training these past few days. Me, I'm looking to do better at a four mile run coming up in three and a half weeks. Jill decided that she is going to do the Blessing of the Fleet 10-miler again -- coming up in just two and a half weeks. If that sounds like a familiar race, it may be because I have mentioned running it a few times -- most recently with my brother back in 2005. Jill invited me to run it again (wouldn't have a prayer).

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