What day is today? -- 01/11/13

I am very confused about days and dates.

This began when I took such a huge chunk of time off from work (almost six and a half weeks) at the end of 2012... and then, in the midst of that, I had my foot surgery, which meant that not only was I without the pattern of working days, I spent a few day without leaving our bedroom (just moving from bed to a recliner chair with my foot up when it was time for a meal).

Then, when January 2nd came and it was time to go back to work, I still seemed to have lost any intuitive sense of what day it is. I resumed working on January 2nd -- a Wednesday -- so I put in three days and then along came the weekend. This past Monday I kept thinking all day that it was a Friday. I have no idea why, but I did. And then on Tuesday, the same thing happened; all day long I had to remind myself that it was not Friday. I got through Wednesday and Thursday without calendrical confusion, but today.... *sigh *... all day long I've been convinced that it is a Saturday. (Okay, I admit that this final bit of confusion might be explained by noting that I took the day off.)

Nancy and I got hooked on Downton Abbey. We went through seasons 1 and 2 watching them via streaming from Amazon.com and then, this past Sunday, watched the two hour opening episode of season 3 on PBS. We especially enjoy Dame Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess of Grantham. One of the bits in season 2 was how she was puzzled by the concept of a "weekend" (since no one in the gentry kept regular business working hours).

I was recently chatting with a British colleague about Downton Abbey. (And when I say "chatting" I actually mean typing text messages back and forth using Lotus Sametime.) He assured me that British life today does not much resemble either that of Lord Grantham and his family nor that of Carson and Bates and O'Brian and the rest of the staff. But then he reminisced about how when he was at Cambridge, they did have maids cleaning their rooms, making their beds, etc....

One of the reasons I took today off was because Jill and I signed up for a Friday morning tai chi class. (Another reason, of course, is that since I am only supposed to be working 60% of a normal schedule, so I need to take days off all along so that I don't end up with needing to take off the last six and a half weeks of the year.) The class is small and informal, but it was interesting and enjoyable. Also, I think I will learn some ways of getting properly warmed up and loose before going for runs, etc.

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