A birthday -- 05/11/13

Yesterday was Jill's birthday

My little girl is 31 years old.

And she still gets carded to prove she is old enough to drink.

For birthdays, we often tend to visit Fat Belly's Pub or The Mews Tavern -- but we have a cluster of birthdays at this time of year (mine is April 29th, Jill is May 10th, and Jeremy is May 16th) and Jill and I have acquired the habit of visiting Fat Belly's Pub from time to time anyway, most recently this past Sunday evening following her half marathon run. So we stayed at home and I made chicken pot pie (and Nancy baked the birthday cake).

Oh, and see that beer glass in the picture of Jill making the ceremonial first cut in her birthday cake... although it is a souvenir Wachusett Blueberry Ale glass, that is not what we are drinking.

Jill found a large bottle of Ten Penny Ale (which you have probably noticed me mentioning over and over how we always drink this at Fat Belly's Pub) which she bought and which we were drinking to celebrate her birthday. (It is brewed by Olde Burnside Brewing Company in East Hartford -- a place whose brewery tour is on our must-do list.)

And here is the pile of birthday presents waiting for Jill.

These tend to be small but amusing gifts -- such as a bag of chocolate covered coffee beans, etc.

The photograph below shows her holding one of her birthday gifts -- a Lego coffee mug. It is a real coffee mug, but those holes all around the outside of the mug are exactly the right size to hold Lego pieces.

Later on last night she tested it by fastening Lego pieces to it. They fit perfectly.

So... that was Jill's birthday. Jeremy's birthday will be in a few days and then our birthday cluster will be over until next year.

Actually, I doubt that we have more than a week or two during the course of a year when there is not a family birthday. I mean there is Nancy's birthday and Adam and Leah's birthdays and Sam and Milo's birthdays, and my brother and his wife and their two kids -- and then consider the size of Nancy's family -- she has nine sisters and brothers -- and they all have children -- and some of their children are married and have children. Weeks without birthdays are definitely rare.

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