A half marathon-- 05/05/13

A half marathon -- no, not me -- Jill ran a half marathon this morning. It was the Navigant Credit Union Half Marathon, part of their running festival today in Pawtucket, RI. (They also have a 5K after the half marathon, plus a 1K run for kids.)

So here's Jill and a friend entering final stretch (about two tenths of a mile to go).

That's a bit blurred because it was really just a small portion of the snapshot blown up quite a bit. And then almost at finish line. Note the time -- 1:59:35 -- she is doing it just in just under two hours (quite a bit faster than she had been anticipating).

The pink shirt and the pink headband and the cats ears head decoration are because a friend of hers was going to run a race out west in a cat costume so Jill put together a quick cat look, saying that it would be as if they were running the same race (even though the races were a couple thousand miles apart). Jill's comment on her outfit: "Pink is so not my color."

The final picture is at the post-race refreshment table for the runners. A banana had preceded the pizza slice. (Running 13 miles can make a person feel a bit hungry.) The white ribbon around her neck is holding a medallion (hidden by Jill's hand) that was given to each runner crossing the finish line.

Tonight Jill and Nancy and I plan to hit Fat Belly's Pub for some beer and wings and nachos, a post-race tradition that Jill and I started last year (yes, even when just one of us runs the race). In the meanwhile, I need to get over to the Y for some swim practice. I have a list of drills that my trainer has given me to practice. I'm hoping to be able to get in a run as well, if I am not too tired from the pool.

And, if you want to keep up with 1888, here's the latest Narragasnett news from 125 years ago.

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