How I spent Sunday -- 06/10/13

We had huge amounts of rain of Friday (up to four inches) and light rain Saturday morning but Sunday was a sunny and beautiful day. Bright sun and blue skies in the morning... and Jill and I set off for the 5k race we were going to run (Katie DeCubellis Memorial 5k). I had not run that distance since October. I'd run two miles a week or so ago and had felt pretty good, so I thought it would work. I had wanted to try three miles on Friday, but I had no desire to run in a cold rain.

I was okay for the first two miles, but then the sun began to get to me. It was not hot compared to a hot day in July or August, but it was a hotter than our recent weather -- and I walked a couple of short distances and then decided that had slowed me down enough that there was no sense in pushing on, so I walked some more, until I came upon Jill waiting for me on the side of the road (having crossed the finish line a long time earlier) and we ran together until 100 feet or so from the finish line.
Our traditional post-race photograph (which many of you have probably already seen on Facebook.

They had water and oranges and pizza and ice cream -- Brickley's Homemade Ice Cream -- ah, that ice cream tasted so good. I assumed that, having slowed my pace to a walk for a good-sized chunk of the third mile, there was no point in sticking around and Jill had to be at work at noon and I had to be at the Seaside Village Fair in Narragansett to staff the Narragansett Historical Society information table -- so off we went. At lunchtime today I checked online for the race results and discovered that I won the 70+ age group. (No, I was not the only geezer running -- there were four of us, one of whom was just 15 seconds behind me, just four runners back.) Jill, as I noted above, was far ahead of me. She was 5th place for women ages 30-39

And home to shower and change and go spend a couple of hours talking to people about the historical society and Narragansett history. This is of special interest this year because it is Narragansett's 125th anniversary -- until 1888 it was part of the Town of South Kingstown.
At the Narragansett Seaside Village Fair
Another view of the fair...
Morris dancing by The Ladies of the Rolling Pin

A good day -- followed by beer and wings and nachos at Fat Belly's Pub with Jill and Jeremy -- and then the finale of this season of Game of Thrones on HBO.

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