Oh deer -- 06/28/13

I think I have probably made references at various times to what I call "our neighborhood deer herd." There are wooded areas in between developed neighborhoods, nothing big, just like a few lots that were not well-positioned for development, bits of leftover land... plus some older "country roads" from before these neighborhoods were developed, where there are lots of trees between and behind houses. Also, there are larger chunks of woods around some wetlands and pond areas, and next to the park behind a middle school, and all along the bike path (which was once-upon-a-time the Narragansett Pier Railroad)... and you don't have to go too far west of here before you are in the Great Swamp area and some land that has never really been developed. So it's not so much that we have a deer herd actually living in our neighborhood -- they are living in wooded areas near our neighborhood and they take a stroll into our neighborhood via convenient wooded pathways when they want dinner. (Hence, we have had to put netting around our gardens.)

When we moved in here (February, 1996) our street ended a couple hundred feet past us. During the years that followed, the street was completed and the last lot was built on several years ago, but if I come in through that part of the street at night, I always slow down and flip on my high beams because I have had to stop so many times ove the years for deer crossing the street. I have learnd to be cautious.

Today, however, I had been in town -- picked up a few things in a supermarket and stopped at the library -- and was driving home when I had to stop for a deer crossing the road in front of me. This was not in our neighborhood. It was more like a couple of blocks before our neighborhood, but not that far away -- two thirds of a mile from as I would drive on the streets, but less than four tenths of a mile to our house in a straight line.

After crossing the road, she scrabbled over a stone wall and settled into having a snack. She is at the edge of someone's front yard -- there is a house less than thirty feet to her right -- and seems to have no concern that I've stopped my car to take her picture. This was about 40 minutes past noon, so I guess she was having lunch.

I was tempted to see if I could get out of my car to try to get a better picture but then I saw more traffic coming along behind me, so I put it back into gear and continued on my way home.

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