Sunset on Point Judith Pond -- 07/06/13

Nancy's brother Walter was in town yesterday with one of his daughters and a friend of hers. He wanted to take the girls to dinner at Champlin's by Point Judith Pond. Long-time readers may recognize that as being the seafood restaurant that is a family favorite for many years. We've been eating there for probably 25 years or so, long before we moved to Rhode Island late in 1995. (In fact, a couple of years before we did make the move from upstate New York to Rhode Island, Nancy and I went to Champlin's and sat on their second floor outdoor deck overlooking the waters of Point Judith Pond to discuss the idea.... and I suppose that, having chosen that as the place to have our discussion, it was really no mystery that we decided that we wanted to live here.)

(Link to Google Maps.) The right (east) side of Point Judith Pond is the fishing village of Galilee, once mostly commercial fishing, now it is a mix of commercial fishing and tourism. It is where you catch the ferry to Block Island. The left (west) side of Point Judith Pond is the village of Jerusalem (and also East Matunuck State Beach). The South Kingstown Town Beach (also known as Matunuck Beach) -- where I was practicing swimming with a wet suit yesterday morning -- is about two miles west of where I was standing taking these photographs last night.

A sailboat against the sunset. That is Jerusalem behind the sailboat.

Nancy's sister Janet and her husband Tom were also going to Champlin's, so Nancy called Jeremy and he said he'd meet us there... and then she called Jill, who was getting out of work at six, which is when we were meeting at Champlin's...

Nancy and Jeremy (Block Island ferry just behind Jeremy).

Of course parking is very difficult to come by in this area on sunny summer days... but Nancy managed to find a spot (where someone was just leaving) not far from Champlin's, so we went and claimed a place in line. (Half an hour later we reached the ordering window.)

Jill, Nancy, Jeremy, me.

We ate at the picnic tables next to the restaurant (rather than on their outside decks or their inside dining area). And after dinner we stood around talking and taking pictures, took a brief stroll down to Salty Brine Beach, and then back, enjoying the sunset over Point Judith Pond.


So this is July 6th and I'm writing about yesterday. What about today? Probably a little bit of garden work and maybe a bicycle ride. I'd love to go for a bike ride and then do a bit of running, but my legs are telling me that after my activities on Thursday and Friday, they would appreciate not having to both bike and run.

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