Bike or run? -- 07/07/13

Bike or run?

That was Sarah's question regarding yesterday's entry where I was pondering whether I should go biking or running (while concluding that my legs would not be happy if I tried to do both, especially after having run a race on Thursday and gone swimming and biking on Friday.

I ended up choosing biking... so I rode along the bike path, going a bit past the Amtrack station, making it 8.4 miles for the round trip.

Then I did a set of twenty biceps curls using a pair of 20 lb. dumbbells.... and then I did a one mile walk.

Today I got my workout in late this morning. I biked over to the middle school so I could use the track. I alternated walking laps and running laps, walking a total of five laps and running a total of three, with times of 2:14, 2:10, and 2:16.

*sigh* One aspect of having this online journal is that I can access things from the past. For example, June 23, 2002 -- Nancy and I rode our bikes to the train station and back and then I biked over to the track and ran some laps -- the first one in 1:48. After recovering my breath and doing some stretching, I then managed a lap in 1:38 -- walked some for recovery and did one in 1:31 and then one in 1:33.
So should I feel like those weren't bad times for somebody at age 59 or should I be annoyed at how much slower I am at 70?

I think I'll opt for annoyance if it will motivate me to put in the effort to get those lap times down at least a little bit...

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