48 hour weekend -- 07/16/13

Feast or famine... I post five entries in the first seven days of the month and then go more than a week without an entry....

Part of that was because this past weekend was this year's Providence edition of the 48 Hour Film Project competition.

So here are a few photographs from the production. (Yeah, some of you have probably seen these and others on Facebook.)

This is Melinda, the leader and center point of our team. The team -- They're Using Tools! -- is based on her company name (for her graphics design firm). That name is based on a line of dialog ("My God! They're using tools!") from a horror film (Bride of Re-Animator) which in turn is loosely based on works by H. P. Lovecraft (1890 - 1939) a noted writer of supernatural fiction who lived in Providence, RI. Melinda is leading a brainstorming session to come up with ideas and a story, etc. for our movie.
Filming a kitchen scene. Note that we are using two cameras to get two different angles. This reduces the number of takes that have to be done. It still takes a long time. We spent almost three hours on the kitchen scene. (It's a five and a half minute movie, including the opening and closing credits.)
Moving in now for closer shots of the scene.
Yes, that's me. I've been beaten, bound and gagged, put in a box... and then the bad stuff happens.... (Bwah-ha-ha....)
The editing and rendering process takes longer than the actual filming. He is using Apples (of course) with nice big flat panel monitors.
Justin is wearing a head camera getting ready to use to film a scene of me running through woods with the camera taking the point of view of someone who is chasing me.

I can't share the movie with you yet -- all films are embargoed until after the winners have been selected and announced. Well, actually, there are public showings this week. We're in the group (there are 52 teams competing this year, being shown in five different screenings) that will be shown at 7:00 pm tonight at CinemaWorld in the Lincoln Mall, Lincoln, RI. (But that's probably not convenient for you.) The winners will be screened on August 17th at the Columbus Theatre in Providence -- and after that we can put it online for you to see...

I have seen our finished product (I liked it) and I am looking forward to seeing it on a big screen tonight.

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